Family of photographers

Phils Photo History

There always seemed to be cameras around the house, my father Keith has a great eye for taking photos. Dad must as taken thousand of photos all on colour slide film. 
National Geographic arrived monthly and The Melbourne Age,  a paper that has a reputation for its great photographers.  All seemed to influence me as a young boy. It seemed to be a good thing this photographers life. Lots of adventure in far off places, had to be better than working in an office.
Dads father was also a keen photographer. A Melbourne engineer who sadly died before I had a chance to know him.
My uncle is a great wildlife photographer who spends days hiding in holes in the ground to get the right photo of a bird on its nest. I have sitting in my living room an old 10X8 inch Thornton-Pickard camera, used by a great uncle. The glass negative plate and the beautiful brass fittings, old brass lens , cloth blind shutter make it one of my most prized posetions.

Thornton-Pickard was a famous British camera manufacturer established in 1888. The company was based in Altrincham, near Manchester and was an early pioneer in the development of the camera industry.

In the late 1960’s my father, with family, (mum and my sister Jane) was posted to Tehran for two years, ten years later we still called it home. 
Living in Iran there were lots to take photos of and the “family outings” were always great adventures.  There was no getting out of the family outings, did not matter how much I wanted to stay in bed.   Climbing mountains, skiing,  exploring the ancient sites and cities on Iran.

In the mid 1970s my father, mother and myself drove from Tehran to Kabul. Dad gave me one of his old cameras, this was the start of a interest in photography. 


2 thoughts on “Family of photographers

  1. Phil.
    Correct “Uncel” to “Uncle” after Thornton Pickard.

    Loved the new Blog. You wrote it well!!
    And the pics are good.

    Must attract custom?

    good luck with this

    Helen an Keith

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